Acquisition of transport boxes

Find transport boxes

There are many reasons for delivery bottlenecks with transport boxes. One large customer has just bought up all stocks of goods or momentary shortages of raw materials for certain boxes. The result is the same: You cannot always find exactly what you want on the open market. Even standard boxes might be sold out. Where other suppliers give up, we keep on working: We will acquire the transport boxes you need.

Search for Transport Boxes Not Only on Request

Regardless of whether inland or abroad, our acquisition department will search for and find your re-usable containers. The boxline specialists are aware of the processes of international container logistics and know exactly where they have to search for the required transport boxes. And they are generally successful in the search. Our customers will not notice any of the weaknesses of the container market. The consequences for you remain the same in every case: Tell us what you need, and leave the rest to us.