Stacking boxes

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Rigid containers are the all-rounder in shipping and storage logistics. Robust and easy to use, and handle. With their solid one piece construction - they are enormously stable and tolerate both high loads and superimposed loads. The closed plastic boxes promise optimum transport safety for bulky and heavy goods in the multi-path system.
The design as a visible storage box has an opening on the front which allows easy access to the small parts stored in the container.

The advantages of our stacking containers at a glance:
  • Ideal for storage by simple handling and optimum stackability
  • The robust design for heavy weights is ideally suited to stacking
  • The widest range for suitable container solutions
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  1. stacking box Det 8632 matt white -34%
    stacking box Det 8632 matt white
    stacking box
    External dimensions
    800 x 600 x 320 mm

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