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The market is constantly developing, and demands on transport and storage of goods are changing all the time and becoming more challenging, the pressure on costs is growing every day. New, innovative products are always in demand.

boxline, the sales brand of WALTHER Faltsysteme, the pioneer for returnable transport boxes made from plastic, reliably illustrates the requirements and further developments of the market in the field of plastic boxes. There is no statutory requirement, no customer requirement, no new development in the plastics sector that our engineers have not introduced immediately into product development. This way boxline is always one step ahead of the market. That started with the development of the folding box back in 1980 and has remained the standard ever since.

Expert advice on developments in the boxline range

Here, our specialists introduce you to our new products in the range of plastic containers. Of course you can order these items directly from us. Should you be unsure if a particular new product is suitable for your use, our experts will be pleased to advise you.


Mega-Pack pallet frame

The folding removable plastic frame for all pallets of 1,200 x 800 mm

  • No more nails, splinters and splitting wood!
  • Out with heavy metal frames!
  • An end to non-reusable cardboard!

This pallet frame fits all pallets with the base dimensions of 1200 mm x 800 mm, whether made of wood, plastic or metal. The removable frame is made completely from heavy-duty plastic, without metal hinges or other compromising components.

It is 800 mm high and is simply unfolded and placed on the pallet. It weighs only 20 kg and can be loaded without any additional securing. The next pallet can easily be stacked on top. Access to the goods through the opening flap on the long side is possible even when stacked. For dust prevention a suitable matching lid is also available.


The pallet frame is so strong that it can take a static load of up to 1,000 kgs. When folded, the frame is only 13 cm high and can be stored on a pallet without any edge overhang. Pallet frame – the solution for multiple transport cycles!


Step-by-step – the new Mega-Pack MultiLayer

  • Heavy-duty intermediate floor
  • Dust and splash protected transport
  • Intermediate collars available in various heights
  • Also available in ESD version
  • MultiLayer is a new packaging concept for component kits or pressure sensitive products

The MultiLayer pallet box with a footprint of 1200 mm x 800 mm transports your goods on stable intermediate floors in “ multiple levels”.  So you can transport all individual parts of a kit separately on different levels, but still keeping them together. They are delivered to the destination ready packed and sorted for assembly. The intermediate collars are available in any height, so levels of different heights can be realised on each pallet, easily accommodating parts of differing sizes. Pallet FrameMultiLayer

MultiLayer is also the ideal cost and space saving solution for packed goods which have to be transported contact free or dust and splash protected. Every level is separated by a heavy-duty, intermediate floor which will not bend or sag. So goods such as cable assemblies, electronic components and sensitive internal parts for vehicles, can reach their destination undamaged. One pallet area in the truck can be loaded right up to the roof, without loss of space.

Collapsible Box for Fresh ProduceCollapsible box for fresh produce

New collapsible boxes for fruit and vegetable markets

  • Stable, minimal height when collapsed, available in 4 sizes
  • The new collapsible box is only 27.5 mm high when folded. More than 11,000 boxes can fit into a truck
  • Available heights are 110, 150, 180 and 220 mm in the standard base size of 600 x 400 mm.

The all new design is optimized for the secure transport of sensitive foods. The smooth internal surfaces protect bananas, peppers and tomatoes.

The perforations are designed to allow the goods to be cooled within the optimal time. The collapsible boxes are easily and effectively cleaned, without retaining water.

The locking system is easy to use and locks the walls of the fruit and vegetable collapsible box securely, all users in the logistics chain are very satisfied with the functionality of this product.

Millions of these collapsible boxes are in use every day between production facilities and retail outlets, they are washed in large automated wash centres and inspected for any possible damage.

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