Solutions for every transport task

Even in the most extreme Cases: – Our custom solutions

Over 30 years of engineering experience

Special designs are not special cases for us. Countless transport containers, some which you will find in our catalogues, were once exactly that: Ideas, prototypes, special production, until they went into full serial production and today are a natural part of the logistics of numerous customers. Over 30 years´ experience in design, mould construction and production make us specialists in the continued development of new transport container solutions.

The shortest route to your own transport containers

The route to transport containers specifically manufactured for you is shorter than you might think. Once the decision has been made to design your own box, the rest is routine for our development engineers . In close collaboration with our experts we define the requirements that have to meet your ideal transport containers. We will carry out the rest, from the initial drawing through tool-building right to the finished box. That happens more quickly than you might think. There are often just a few months from the initial idea until the first batch of boxes are delivered to the client.

Transport box development: Always the most cost effective option

There are many routes to individual transport containers. This can be a complete new development. Alternatively, we will find a container in our range, which meets part of your requirements and will modify this existing box type in order to create exactly the transport container you need. Regardless of whether your special production is an entirely new concept or requires the modification of an existing system, we will always find the most economic version for you. Please let us know your requirements, the boxline specialist designers will manufacture reliable transport containers based on this information.

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