Foldable containers

Foldable brings movement into your logistics

And we bring movement to our folding and collapsible boxes. View our video on the subject.

Basic dimensions up to 1,820 x 1,200 mm, the best reduction in volume when empty and simple to use: Folding boxes are the all-rounders in returnable logistics. In 1978, WALTHER Faltsysteme developed the first collapsible and folding container for the German market. The successful secret of the originals from Kevalaer that are often copied: folding or collapsing the side walls of the large-volume boxes creates flat units for the return transport. This means that you can save up to 80% of the transport volume when returning the empty containers.

The benefits of collapsible and folding boxes at a glance:

  • Long service life over many years with standard use and handling
  • Ideal for stacking due to an optimal design and flexibility based on standard sizes
  • The best volume reduction when empty – up to 80%
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