Faltbox Falter V1 6432 KDL WALTHER-blue 600 x 400 x 320 mm

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  • Reference number:
  • Sort of:
    folding box
  • External dimensions (approx.):
    600 x 400 x 330 mm
  • Height:
    330 mm
  • Base design:
    solid, no ribs
  • Handles:
    one, with finger holes
  • Colour:
  • Usable volume (approx.):
    61 litre
  • Load capacity stat. (approx.):
    60 kg
  • Quantity per pallet:
    100 piece
  • Quantity per carton:
    2 piece
  • Space saving:
    78 %
  • Material:
  • Internal dimensions (approx.):
    555 x 355 x 310 mm
  • Folded height (approx.):
    80 mm
  • Dimensions of opening (approx.):
    280 x 160 mm
  • Stack capacity stat. (approx.):
    250 kg
  • Suitable for food-contact:
    suitable for food-contact
  • Description sides:
  • Shipping unit:
    1 piece
With a lid hinged on the front side as well as a front-end removal opening with cover, protects or enables removal of any goods in the up to 62 litres of useful volume of the 6432 KDL folding box is possible. With two handles, delivery in WALTHER-blue.
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