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Remain Solvent and Flexible

Rent Plastic Boxes Instead of Buying – the Elegant Solution to Investment Problems

Avoid High Investment into Plastic Boxes

The problem is well-known: Order quantities fluctuate and logistics have to be adapted accordingly. How many plastic boxes therefore have to be purchased? If the calculation is too tight, customers may have to wait too long for their delivery, as there are no empty transport containers available. If too many containers have been purchased, plastic boxes will remain unused in the warehouse, will use up valuable areas and are nothing more than tied-up capital.

Only Pay for what You Use

The solution is to rent exactly the quantity of plastic boxes that you require and only pay for what you actually use. Having the possibility to rent your plastic boxes means avoiding high investment into packaging material and reduces your fixed capital. The rental costs are directly tax-deductable and therefore there is no long-winded amortisation. The rent paid is fixed for the complete rental period.

Also Hire Tailored Plastic Boxes

You can modernise your logistics in using the newest and most innovative plastic containers available, while keeping your liquidity and flexibility. Details can be found on our internet site logrent. Surfing can make you wiser! The special highlight: We do not only rent standard box models, but also custom made container solutions – ask our experts.

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