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For Clear Monthly Budgets

Respite for Your Liquidity - Leasing Service for Plastic Boxes

Leasing as a Solution Even for Plastic Boxes

You lease your company vehicle, perhaps also your technical equipment, why not your plastic boxes, too? What may appear unusual at first glance, may make complete sense at a second. In certain circumstances that might be just the right solution to finance your pool of plastic boxes. We are here for you. Along with the renting service under our brand logrent you can also lease plastic boxes from boxline.

The Right Size

A leasing value of at least 100,000 Euros should be reached. This form of financing is not suitable, for example, for only 200 stacking boxes. Products available for leasing are the plastic boxes and pallets in the Walther Faltsysteme product range. You can choose between a term of 24 or 36 months. (Afa-congruent).

Use the Advantages of Leasing for Your Logistics:

  • Efficient processing using the most modern returnable packaging
  • Clear budgets with fixed monthly payments
  • Individual contracts to meet your specific needs 

Just ask us, we are here to help!

Methods of payment: