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Special pallets - made to fit

Plastic pallets exact to customer requirements

With our special pallets there is no "about" or "somehow it fits" - Our special pallets are tailored to your specific requirements. These can be customized solutions for the beverage industry. Or robust yet lightweight air-freight pallets specifically designed for air freight applications. We can also adapt the surface of the pallet deck with depressions or ridges providing a slip-proof surface to reduce product movement so that your trays or shelves can not slide on the deck, ensuring smooth automated unpacking.

The way to your special pallet is short: you just tell us what you need, we will do the rest seek advice!

Special pallets

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  1. Halbpalette 8060 1 m. Rand - reg. PNG
    Type: pallet with 3 skids
    Reference number: 09860166
    External dimensions (approx.):  800 x 600 x 155 mm
    Material: recycled PP
    Colour: anthracite

    Half pallet 8060 - 1 reg.

    from €26.30
    pallet 800 x 600 x 155 mm
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