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Entrust Your Goods to a suitable container

The way your product is sent to the customer is an important factor in your production or shipping chain: the product is no longer under your control. What you can do is to take measures to ensure these valuable commodities arrive safe and sound at their destination. The most important element here is choosing the correct container and appropriate accessories. The containers you find at boxline are designed to cover the requirements of our customers.

Reduce volume to use containers effectively

The most important step to increase cost efficiency is to reduce volumes: whether it´s a stack and nest container or a folding box, we use a great variety of technologies to offer you containers that are robust and secure during transport, but can be reduced to a minimum size, when they have to be collapsed.

The right advice leads to the right container

Selecting a suitable container is not always easy, because there are very many factors to consider. What requirements do the goods to be transported have in terms of security and hygiene? Are there any statutory regulations that have to be observed? Do the containers have to be stored in high-bay racking and are they suitable for automatic warehouse picking?

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