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WALTHER Faltsysteme GmbH – the company behind boxline

Innovators in volume reduction and space saving concept

In 1979, WALTHER Faltsysteme established a fully new market segment; foldable reusable containers made of plastic, making it possible to have a logistic system for containers which not only saves on budgets, but also on resources.

Since then our container specialists are now considered the most experienced experts in the market of foldable plastic boxes and containers. There is a reason that we are plastics professionals. We specialize in all the major methods of plastic processing, injection moulding, deep drawing or extrusion

Our customers choose WALTHER Folding Systems because we combine reusable with value. We deliver innovative industrial quality plastic foldable containers that ensure hundreds of multi-trip cycles and the volume reduction of up to 80% saves both on storage and transportation costs.

We develop foldable storage and transport containers for the major European retailers and provide standard and special container solutions for all industrial sectors.

We combine the entire manufacturing process, from technical drawings to serial production, all under one roof. Injection moulding machines with clamping forces of 1,300 tons enable the production of small containers to highly stable plastic boxes for demanding transport tasks. And for our large containers we use hollow side panels that turn even giant plastic boxes into lightweights.

Our containers are completely “Made in Germany” – We prove every day, why only the smooth interaction of design, tooling and production generates optimal plastic boxes.

WALTHER Faltsystemes quality management has been certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 since October 1992. The certifications DIN EN ISO 14001:2009 for our environmental management and 50001: 2011 for energy management are just as meaningful to us, as they show the high level of responsibility and commitment that we represent.

We are the experts with the longest experience in this market sector – and have the largest product range of transport boxes and accessories: our range now incorporates over 2,500 items. Our collapsible and foldable containers come in a variety of EURO-Norm sizes ensuring a quick and seamless integration into virtually any supply chain or logistics system.

Whoever wants re-usable and cost-saving foldable will love WALTHER Faltsysteme.

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