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Band 120 2
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Band 120 2

Technical Data
Type: stacking box
Reference number: 01430121BFR
External dimensions (approx.): 400 x 300 x 120 mm
Internal dimensions (approx.): 356 x 255 x 108 mm
Description sides: perforated
Handles: closed hand holes
Base design: closed, smooth
Load capacity stat. (approx.): 20 kg
Stack capacity stat. (approx.): 300 kg
Weight (approx.): 0.56 kg
Usable volume (approx.): 10 Liter
Material: PP
Colour: To product Band 120 2 Colour: blue To product Band 120 2 Colour: yellow To product Band 120 2 Colour: red To product Band 120 2 Colour: grey 
Identification: Company Logos and Printing on request
Shipping unit: 1 piece
Quantity per carton: 12
Quantity per pallet: 128
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